U.S. Academy Elects Record Number of Women

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A push to elect more women to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) appears to be paying off. NAS announced today that a record-breaking 17 women are part of its new class of 72 members, and that four women are among the 18 new foreign associates. The domestic number shatters the previous record of 11 women, elected last year, while the pool of new foreign associates has never contained more than one woman. The figure of 23% women in this year's class is roughly twice the percentage of full professors at U.S. universities. Overall, women now make up 7.7% of the academy's 2015 living members.

"What began 4 to 5 years ago has borne fruit this year," says NAS Home Secretary Stephen Berry of the University of Chicago. "People are clearly trying to identify women who have been overlooked, but the [nomination] process can take several years."

Berry says he expects the number of women to remain high in future years, although the fields of economics and geophysical sciences are still "very thin." He also notes that the academy has made little progress in electing more African-American and Hispanic members and that some sort of "special mechanism" may be needed to address the issue.

The newly elected members are:
AKERLOF, GEORGE A.; Goldman Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

ALTMANN, JEANNE; professor, department of ecology and evolutionary biology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

ANDREWS, GEORGE E., Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

BARGMANN, CORNELIA I.; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professor and vice chair, department of anatomy, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

BARTOSHUK, LINDA M.; professor, departments of surgery and of psychology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut

BAXTER, JOHN D.; professor of medicine, University of California, San Francisco

BEAK, PETER; Roger Adams Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

BERGER, JAMES O.; Arts and Sciences Professor of Statistics, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

BUCK, LINDA B.; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and principal investigator, department of neurobiology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle

CARSON, DENNIS A.; professor of medicine, and director, Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging, School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego

CASHMORE, ANTHONY R.; Robert I. Williams Professor of Biology, and director, Plant Sciences Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

CHAUDHARI, PRAVEEN; director, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York

CHISHOLM, SALLIE W.; Lee and Geraldine Martin Professor of Environmental Studies, and co-director, Earth System Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

COLLER, BARRY S.; David Rockefeller Professor of Medicine, and head, Laboratory of Blood and Vascular Biology, Rockefeller University, New York City

DEMING, JODY W.; professor of biological oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle

DEROSIER, DAVID J.; Abraham S. and Gertrude Burg Professor of Life Sciences, and director, W. M. Keck Institute for Cellular Visualization, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts

DIETERICH, JAMES H.; senior research scientist, Earthquake Hazards Team, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California

DIETRICH, WILLIAM E.; professor, department of earth and planetary sciences, University of California, Berkeley

ELIASHBERG, YAKOV; professor of mathematics, Stanford University, Stanford, California

ELLEDGE, STEPHEN J.; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professor, department of biochemistry and molecular genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

FENN, JOHN B.; Research Professor of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

FISK, LENNARD A.; professor and chair, department of atmospheric, oceanic, and space sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

FORNEY, G. DAVID, JR.; Bernard M. Gordon Adjunct Professor, department of electrical engineering and computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FOWLER, JOANNA S.; senior chemist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

FREEDMAN, WENDY L.; director, Observatories of the Carnegie Institution, Pasadena, California

GAGE, FRED H.; Vi and John Adler Professor, laboratory of genetics, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, San Diego

GOLOMB, SOLOMON W.; Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Communications and University Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

GREIDER, CAROL W.; professor, department of molecular biology and genetics, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

HALL, JEFFREY C.; professor of biology, Brandeis University

HASTINGS, J. WOODLAND; Paul C. Mangelsdorf Professor of Natural Sciences, department of molecular and cellular biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

HELD, ISAAC M.; senior research scientist, and head, Climate Dynamics Group, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Princeton, New Jersey

HESS, KARL; Swanlund Endowed Chair and professor, department of electrical and computer engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

HORWICH, ARTHUR; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professor, department of genetics, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

HOUT, MICHAEL; professor of sociology, University of California, Berkeley

JAENISCH, RUDOLF; professor of biology and member, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

KASPERSON, ROGER E.; executive director, Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

KENYON, CYNTHIA J.; Herbert Boyer Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco

KLEIN, RICHARD G.; professor of anthropological sciences, Stanford University

KULKARNI, SHRINIVAS R.; McArthur Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

LAMB, ROBERT A.; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and John Evans Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

LEAN, JUDITH L.; research physicist, space science division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

LI, WEN-HSIUNG; George Wells Beadle Distinguished Service Professor, department of ecology and evolution, University of Chicago, Chicago

LIPMAN, DAVID J.; director, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

LUDWIG, MARTHA L.; professor, department of biological chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

MATHIS, DIANE J.; William T. Young Chair in Diabetes Research and co-head, immunology and immunogenetics section, Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston

MELOSH, HENRY J.; professor, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson

MILES, EDWARD L.; Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor of Marine and Public Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle

NAGEL, SIDNEY R.; Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor in Physics, University of Chicago

NASRALLAH, JUNE B.; professor, department of plant biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

NIX, WILLIAM D.; Lee Otterson Professor of Engineering Emeritus, department of materials science and engineering, Stanford University

QUINN, HELEN R. A.; permanent scientific staff and assistant to the director for education and public outreach, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford, California

ROSBASH, MICHAEL; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professor of biology, Brandeis University

ROSS, A. CATHARINE; professor and Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair in Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University

SAIF, LINDA J.; professor, Food Animal Health Research Program, Ohio State University, Wooster

SCHECHTER, PAUL L.; William A. M. Burden Professor of Astrophysics and division head of astrophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SCHLESINGER, WILLIAM H.; James B. Duke Professor of Biogeochemistry and dean, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University

SILBEY, ROBERT J.; Class of 1942 Professor of Chemistry and dean of science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SMITH, BRUCE D.; senior scientist, curator of North American archaeology, and director, Archaeobiology Program, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

STEELE, CLAUDE M.; professor of psychology and Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences, Stanford University

STINCHCOMBE, ARTHUR L.; professor emeritus, department of sociology, Northwestern University

STROUD, ROBERT M.; professor of biochemistry and biophysics and of pharmaceutical chemistry, University of California, San Francisco

TAKAHASHI, JOSEPH S.; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Walter and Mary Elizabeth Glass Professor in the Life Sciences, Northwestern University

TEUKOLSKY, SAUL A.; H. A. Bethe Professor of Physics and Astrophysics, and director, Center for Radiophysics and Space Research, Cornell University

THOMASHOW, MICHAEL F.; professor, departments of crop and soil sciences and of microbiology, and member, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing

TIEDJE, JAMES M.; University Distinguished Professor and director, NSF Science and Technology Center for Microbial Ecology, Michigan State University

VAN ETTEN, JAMES L.; William Allington Distinguished Professor in Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

VAN HARLINGEN, DALE J.; professor of physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

WANDELL, BRIAN A.; Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor, department of psychology, Stanford University

WEISS, ARTHUR; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; and Ephraim P. Engleman Distinguished Professor, and chair, division of rheumatology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

WENDER, PAUL A.; Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University

YABLONOVITCH, ELI; professor of electrical engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

YANAGISAWA, MASASHI; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Patrick E. Haggerty Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

The newly elected foreign associates are:

BREZIN, Edouard; professor, laboratory of theoretical physics, École Normale Supérieure, Paris (France)

BREZIS, Haim; professor, department of mathematics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France)

CASTILLA, Juan Carlos; professor, groupo ecologia marina, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago (Chile)

CHEN, Zhu; professor and director, Institute of Hematology, Shanghai Second Medical University (People's Republic of China)

HERRERA-ESTRELLA, Luis; director, plant biotechnology unit, and professor, Center for Research and Advanced Studies, National Polytechnic Institute, Guanajuato (Mexico)

HERSHKO, Avram; Distinguished Professor, department of biochemistry, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa (Israel)

KROEMER, Herbert; professor of electrical engineering and of materials, University of California, Santa Barbara (Germany)

LALLEMENT, Rosine; professor and director of research, Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique, Verrieres-le-Buisson (France)

MANZANILLA, Linda; investigator and full professor, Institute of Anthropological Investigations, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City (Mexico)

NOYORI, Ryoji; professor of chemistry and director, Research Center for Materials Science, Nagoya University (Japan)

PARISI, Giorgio; professor, department of physics, University of Rome (Italy)

RAFF, Martin C.; professor, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology and biology department, University College London, United Kingdom (Canada)

SIDDIQI, Obaid; professor, and director, National Center for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Bangalore (India)

TANIGUCHI, Tadatsugu; professor and chairperson, department of immunology, University of Tokyo (Japan)

TARKOWSKI, Andrzej K.; professor and head, department of embryology, and director, Institute of Zoology, Warsaw University (Poland)

THORNTON, Janet; director, European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge (United Kingdom)

WALKER, Alan C.; Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology and Biology, Pennsylvania State University (United Kingdom)

YONATH, Ada; director, Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Center for Micromolecular Structure and Assembly, Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot (Israel)

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