Science and Technology Awards Announced

Sixteen scientists and one company have been named winners of the 2002 National Medal of Science and of Technology, the U.S. government's highest honor for scientific achievement. The awardees will be honored 6 November at the White House.

Medal of Science Winners

  • James Darnell, Rockefeller University--for work on how cells retrieve information from DNA
  • Evelyn Witkin, Rutgers University--for work on DNA repair
  • John Brauman, Stanford University--for work on chemical solvents
  • Leo Beranek (retired), BBN Technologies, Cambridge, Massachusetts--for advances in military technology
  • James Glimm, Stony Brook University, New York--for contributions to shock wave theory, quantum field theory, and statistical mechanics
  • W. Jason Morgan, Princeton University--for work on plate tectonics and mantle plumes
  • Richard Garwin, Council on Foreign Relations, New York City--for work on magnetic resonance techniques now used in medical imaging and superconductivity
  • Edward Witten, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton--for work on string theory

Medal of Technology Winners

  • Calvin Carter, Cree Inc., Durham, North Carolina--for contributions to the development of silicon carbide semiconductor materials
  • Haren Gandhi, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Michigan--for work on automotive technology to improve environmental standards
  • Carver Mead, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California--for work on microelectronics
  • Nick Holonyak Jr., Microelectronics Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; M. George Craford, Lumileds Lighting, San Jose, California; and Russell Dean Dupuis, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia--for inventions and innovations in light-emitting diode technology
  • John Mooney (retired) and Carl Keith (retired), Engelhard Corp., Iselin, New Jersey--for role in inventing the three-way catalytic converter
  • DuPont, Wilmington, Delaware--for "policy and technology leadership in the phase out and replacement of chlorofluorocarbons"

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