Harvard to Halt Construction on $1 Billion Life-Sciences Complex

Harvard University has announced it will temporarily halt construction on a $1 billion life-sciences complex in Allston, a few miles away from the main Cambridge campus. Crews are currently working on underground floors of the building, and once they reach ground level, probably in March, work will cease. It is unclear when construction will continue.

In a letter to Harvard on Thursday, university President Drew Gilpin Faust said that the shaky state of the global economy —including the huge hits taken by Harvard's endowment—necessitated the pause. She also said Harvard would look at an option for leasing space at the Allston complex and other buildings.

In a separate interview, Harvard Executive Vice President Katherine Lapp supplied more details about Allston's future, including the possibility that Harvard would change the design for Allston, although she did not say how. Both Faust and Lapp indicated that the state of the Allston campus would not interfere with Harvard's general plans to expand its life sciences programs.

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