What Do You Think of the New Science Standards?

Jeff tries to explain how government works to readers of Science.

The U.S. science education community is being invited to comment on the first-ever set of science standards for U.S. school children.

A draft of the Next Generation Science Standards has been posted by Achieve Inc., a coalition of high-tech companies, foundations, and state and local governments that hope to use their collective influence to create a voluntary national science curriculum where none now exists. The standards, a 2-year effort funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, are built around a novel "framework" for teaching science that blends content with how scientists do their work and its practical applications.

The public has until 1 June to submit comments. A second draft is expected to be issued this fall in hopes of finalizing the document in early 2013. Some 26 states are already involved in writing the standards, which would need to be adopted separately by each state.

See next week's issue of Science for an inside look at the draft standards.

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