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  • 30 Aug 2001

    Norwegian government gives mathematicians their equivalent of a Nobel prize

  • 30 Apr 2001

    Mathematician discovers "magic squares" by Benjamin Franklin

  • 23 Feb 2001

    Mathematician challenges apportionment formula for U.S. congressional seats

  • 6 Feb 2001

    Cuneiform tablet may have held answers to homework problems

  • 8 Dec 2000

    Dozens of neologisms might have been introduced in the magazine

  • 30 May 2000

    Physicists have been searching for decades for a simple, mathematical solution to a model of phase transitions. Such transitions occur, for instance, when ice melts or cooling iron becomes magnetic.

  • 15 May 2000

    Can anyone remember when "software" wasn't on the tongue of every schoolchild? But it had to start somewhere. And Fred R. Shapiro, a librarian and etymologist at Yale Law School, thinks he's gotten to the source.