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  • 22 Dec 1998

    If male jacana could sing the blues, these birds would have plenty to wail about. While the typical female cavorts wide and far, her loyal partner stays at home and cares for nestlings that may not be his own.

  • 11 Dec 1998

    BOSTON--Scientists have a new theory to explain the Boston Red Sox's 80-years-and-counting without winning a World Series: Poor play resulted from a deletion of the genes responsible for producing the proteins catchin and hittin.

  • 14 Oct 1998

    There's no gold medal in sight, but at least one species of fly manages to avoid obscured vision during flight by borrowing a page from Olympic ice skaters.

  • CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS--While suspense builds for next week's announcement of the Nobel Prizes in science, a few of the past laureates gathered at Harvard University last night to help celebrate more dubious achievements: the Ig Nobel prizes,