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  • 22 Oct 1998

    Scientists have sequenced the entire genome of Chlamydia trachomatis, the enigmatic bacterium that's the leading cause of venereal disease in the United States.

  • 15 Oct 1998

    The Alzheimer's Association today presented the largest single research award it has ever given to a husband and wife team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

  • 6 Oct 1998

    Scientists have developed the first true animal model of Huntington's disease, a progressive and often fatal deterioration of the central nervous system.

  • 23 Sep 1998

    A synthetic form of marijuana's active ingredient kills pain by targeting the same pathway as morphine, researchers report tomorrow in Nature. The finding could lead to better treatments for chronic pain, if drug companies decide to develop the substance.

  • 2 Sep 1998

    Most crop plants are too busy pollinating themselves to fraternize much with their neighbors, but researchers report tomorrow in Nature that plants engineered to carry a gene for pesticide resistance mate readily with their wild relatives.

  • 25 Aug 1998

    Mars has never had enough geochemical energy to allow numerous or complicated organisms to evolve during the last 4 million years, scientists report in today's Journal of Geophysical Research.

  • 12 Aug 1998

    Medieval herbalists named liverworts after the plant's liver-shaped lobes, whose extracts they believed could cure jaundice and other liver problems.