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  • 4 Mar 1999

    For the 15.7 million Americans with type 2 diabetes, good health means daily vigilance. To head off the eye, kidney, and heart damage the disease can cause, sufferers must follow strict diet and exercise regimes to prevent their blood sugar levels from soaring.

  • 18 Feb 1999

    A detailed analysis of the first year's experience with Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law suggests that the worst fears of some of the law's opponents haven't been borne out.

  • 28 Dec 1998

    In ancient Greece, immortality was the province of gods who spun the length of each lifetime. The myth has a kernel of truth, because the ends of chromosomes are protected by specialized stretches of DNA called telomeres.

  • 2 Dec 1998

    A $100 million donation from Bill Gates, chair of Microsoft Corp., could save the lives of more than 2.5 million children each year.

  • 17 Nov 1998

    LOS ANGELES--Scientists have developed an electronic nose, of sorts, that sniffs out dozens of chemicals in an individual nerve cell.

  • 9 Nov 1998

    LOS ANGELES--Music may make the heart sing, but it also exerts a strong tug on the brain.

  • 3 Nov 1998

    Scientists have coaxed the immune system of mice to let down its guard and allow a virus to deliver therapeutic genes.

  • 26 Oct 1998

    Huge swarms of desert locusts have devastated crops in Africa, Asia, and Europe since biblical times, but no mortals have been able to predict when they will strike.

  • 21 Oct 1998

    Food webs are woven from many plant and animal species that interact in fantastically complex ways. The intricacies of these interactions have eluded attempts to construct realistic computer models of how food webs work--until now.

  • 2 Oct 1998

    For the first time, scientists have documented an infection wiping out an entire species, in this case a type of land snail.