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  • 21 Apr 1999

    Suppose there's a sundial somewhere in the desert, but to read the time, you'd have to go to another planet. Sounds silly? Not if everyone lives on the other planet.

  • 20 Apr 1999

    A year ago, astronomers announced that asteroid 1997 XF11 might hit the earth in October 2028, then retracted their prediction 24 hours later. Now a new "doomsday asteroid" is generating a lot of excitement--and some anger.

  • 19 Apr 1999

    Scientists think they may have heard the whimpers of dying quasars.

  • 25 Mar 1999

    On 23 January, astronomers detected a powerful pulse of gamma rays that originated billions of years ago in a far corner of the universe.

  • 2 Feb 1999

    Leave Pluto alone! That's the message astronomers all over the world are sending the International Astronomical Union (IAU). A recent discussion about whether Pluto should be cataloged as the 10,000th entry in the list of minor bodies in the solar system (Science, 8 January, p.

  • 25 Jan 1999

    Missed the latest gamma ray burst? Never mind: There's about to be a replay, or so astronomers hope. Last Saturday, one of the brightest of these mysterious blasts of gamma and x-rays triggered satellite detectors.

  • 5 Jan 1999

    The ninth planet may not be long for this Earth. An august body of astronomers is voting how to demote the distant icy body. Whatever the outcome, the decision could rob Pluto of its title as a planet and leave the sun with only eight such bodies.

  • 30 Dec 1998

    Astronomers from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, have won a race to the edge of the universe.

  • 22 Oct 1998

    European radio astronomers have switched on a new supercomputer that will provide some of the sharpest views of the universe ever obtained.

  • 9 Oct 1998

    The mysteriously aberrant motion of the two Pioneer spacecraft in the distant solar system may not be so mysterious after all.