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  • 4 Mar 1999

    Most laboratory mice don't live long enough to go bald or grey, but a strain of animals missing an enzyme linked to cellular aging look like they could use a bit of Clairol or Rogaine.

  • 6 Jan 1999

    It's an uncanny way to start the day: After setting an alarm the night before, you wake up with a start just minutes before it goes off. Coincidence? Probably not, according to research in tomorrow's issue of Nature.

  • 17 Dec 1998

    An asthma attack is nothing to sneeze at. In a dramatic--and dangerous--overreaction by the immune system, the lungs pump out mucus and inflammatory molecules, clogging and swelling constricted airways.

  • 10 Dec 1998

    Cockroach guts may not sound like a promising hunting ground for clues to the origins of complex cells.

  • 3 Dec 1998

    Being in the right place at the right time is vital for young cells in a developing embryo.

  • 30 Nov 1998

    In some species of whales, behaviors learned within families may be altering the course of genetic evolution.

  • 25 Nov 1998

    Bone marrow transplants can be a lifesaver, replenishing the source of blood cells after radiation or chemotherapy destroys it. But for some patients with blood disease, no matching donor can be found.

  • 20 Nov 1998

    Mate a crocodile and an abalone, the old joke goes, and you'll get a crock-a-baloney. But seriously, scientists know very little about the specific genes that keep flings between more closely related species--say an orangutan and a chimp--from fruition.

  • 6 Nov 1998

    Long before anyone told you to drink milk to make your teeth strong, a complex system of genes made sure your molars ended up in the back of your mouth and your sharp incisors in front.

  • 27 Oct 1998

    A Louisiana doctor was found guilty Friday of attempted murder for injecting a former lover with HIV-infected blood in the first criminal case in the United States that used a DNA analysis of HIV strains.