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  • 7 Apr 1999

    Enough Amazon rainforest to cover Connecticut was razed last year, according to satellite images. But a new survey, reported in tomorrow's issue of Nature, suggests the loss may be even more staggering.

  • 2 Apr 1999

    That lone red sock soon may no longer be a threat to your white laundry thanks to a mushroom enzyme that neutralizes dyes.

  • 23 Feb 1999

    Scientists have found two proteins on the tongue that appear to help us taste the difference between bitter or sweet. The findings, reported in the latest issue of Cell, may lead to potent artificial flavors or to compounds that mask unpleasant tastes.

  • 12 Feb 1999

    You'd never expect a turtle to jump from one branch to another, but a paper in today's Science has them leaping to a new section of the reptile evolutionary tree.

  • 10 Feb 1999

    Malignant tumors in transplant patients are usually blamed on an immune system weakened by drugs. But a study in tomorrow's issue of Nature shows that the drugs may play a more direct role: A common immune suppressant can stimulate tumor cells to divide and spread.

  • 4 Feb 1999

    A thinning ozone layer may ultimately send maverick DNA segments called transposons jumping throughout the genome of corn plants, according to a report in today's Nature. These nomads could lead to a flood of mutations, the author says.

  • 14 Jan 1999

    Researchers have found a way to sharply reduce the number of embryos required for an experimental treatment of Parkinson's disease.

  • 5 Jan 1999

    Although so-called triple drug therapy can keep a patient's HIV count under control for years, just one or two mutations in the virus's genome can cause it to develop resistance and begin multiplying again.

  • 15 Dec 1998

    When people first sailed around the islands of Polynesia some 3500 years ago, rats often went along for the ride. Now, geneticists are using DNA from these rodents' descendants to trace human migration patterns on those remote scraps of land.

  • 1 Dec 1998

    SAN FRANCISCO--In what may be the largest student labor strike in U.S.