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  • 12 Jan 2000

    Chances that life on Earth will be blighted by an asteroid strike are only half as high as previously assumed, according to a report in tomorrow's Nature.

  • 6 Jan 2000

    If the Pleiades are bright in June, plant the potato crop soon; if they are faint and rise late, it's better to wait. Farmers in the Andes have followed this maxim for centuries.

  • 30 Nov 1999

    Planets around other stars are finally coming into focus. Early last week, astronomers said they had twice seen a Jupiter-sized exoplanet cross the face of its parent star, an observation that confirmed an earlier, less certain report and nailed the planet's mass, size, and density.

  • 11 Nov 1999

    Scientists have long speculated that Mars is the most likely place in the solar system to find life outside our cozy planet.

  • 9 Nov 1999

    An unexpected bitter cold snap appears to have damned British explorer Robert Falcon Scott's turn-of-the-century South Pole expedition.

  • 29 Oct 1999

    Astronomers have caught their first-ever glimpse of the funnel that channels a fountain of subatomic particles, erupting from the center of a galaxy, into a narrow stream thousands of light-years long.

  • 14 Oct 1999

    Citing his "almost prophetic accuracy in terms of predicting the future development of international monetary arrangements," the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences yesterday announced that it had awarded Columbia University economist Robert Mundell this year's Nobel Prize in Economics.

  • 14 Sep 1999

    A new lab procedure may someday eliminate the risk of accidentally creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria during the development of transgenic plants.

  • 13 Sep 1999

    A telescope high in the Chilean Andes has opened a clear view of a long-sought hump in measurements of the universe's faint background radiation.

  • 17 Aug 1999

    Imagine planet Earth and everything on it being swallowed and burned by the sun.