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  • 19 May 1999

    Astronomers spotted a huge hurricane on 27 April as it snaked around the North pole of Mars. Nearly four times larger than the state of Texas, the swirling cyclonic system, seen in two sets of Hubble Space Telescope images released today, dwarfs any storm previously observed on Mars.

  • 12 May 1999

    As Jupiter twirls its magnetic skirt in a cosmic fandango, astronomers have watched patiently, hoping to catch a glimpse of the electric clasps which they believe hold the skirt in place. Now, the waiting may be over.

  • 14 Apr 1999

    Black holes seem to come in only two varieties: "supermassive" ones, which power quasars and weigh millions to billions of times more than the sun, and "stellar mass" black holes, which have about the mass of one large star.

  • 8 Apr 1999

    Astronomers may have solved the riddle of how dust can survive radiation streaming off blazing hot stars.

  • 24 Mar 1999

    Perhaps no form of solitary confinement is more devastating to the spirit than being totally paralyzed, unable to move or speak.

  • 9 Mar 1999

    Eruptions on the sun can whip up magnetic storms on Earth, frying communications satellites and jamming aircraft radar. The solar outbursts that cause Earth's magnetic field to convulse in these storms have remained all but unpredictable.

  • 4 Jan 1999

    After a brush with death last month, the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft is back on track for an encounter with a hurtling hunk of space rock.