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  • 30 Sep 1998

    Scientists have discovered how stingrays can enjoy their hard-shelled meals of snails and mussels despite the fact that their mouths are made of mushy cartilage: The stingray jaws, it turns out, are fortified with a bony material that allows them to crunch open the toughest shells.

  • 24 Sep 1998

    The ocean floor's first permanent laboratory is powered up and ready to start experiments.

  • 31 Aug 1998

    A molecule in the skin that converts some of the sun's energy to damaging free radicals could be a major contributor to wrinkles and skin cancer.

  • 27 Aug 1998

    Physicist Frederick Reines, who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the neutrino, died last night after a long illness. He was 80. As a professor at the University of California, Irvine, for 22 years, Reines was instrumental in founding the field of neutrino physics.

  • 13 Aug 1998

    Researchers have made miniature electrical cables with three concentric layers--a semiconductor covered with sheaths of an insulator and a metal.