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  • 17 May 1999

    For people missing an arm or a leg, a sophisticated artificial limb may do more than just restore some of their capacities.

  • 14 May 1999

    Researchers trying to produce drug-secreting sheep or "humanized" pigs that may serve as organ donors could soon have a new tool for inserting exotic DNA into animals' genomes: sperm.

  • 13 May 1999

    WASHINGTON, D.C.--Federal officials on Thursday presented the U.S. Congress with a plan to establish a global program to collect data from the world's oceans, modeled after a surveillance system used for weather forecasting.

  • 10 May 1999

    Scientists have found a new approach to treating lupus, an autoimmune disease that ravages kidneys. Injecting specific protein snippets into mice halts and even undoes some of the damage, they report in the 15 May issue of the Journal of Immunology.

  • 4 May 1999

    Researchers have a new tool for studying how breast cancer develops in women whose genes give them a 70% chance of getting the disease.

  • 30 Apr 1999

    Theoretical physicist Rolf Landauer, the German-born pioneer of the physics of information processing and computing devices, died Tuesday night at his home in Westchester County, New York, after a short illness. He was 72.

  • 29 Apr 1999

    Nobel laureate Arthur Schawlow, the co-inventor of the laser, died Wednesday morning after a long illness. He was 77. Schawlow, who was a researcher at Stanford University for much of his career, earned the nickname Laser Man for his many public demonstrations of lasers.

  • 28 Apr 1999

    Armed with a bacterial enzyme, tobacco can break down toxic explosives that contaminate the grounds at many ammunition factories, scientists report in the May issue of Nature Biotechnology.

  • 21 Apr 1999

    Even the infamous bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can cause chronic gastritis and peptic ulcers, may have redeeming qualities.

  • 19 Apr 1999

    Researchers have discovered a class of cells in the developing mouse brain that have a penchant for roaming.