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  • 14 Apr 1999

    Here's more uplifting news for those who enjoy the good life: A glass of Cabernet or a pint of cold lager could be a good tonic for your stomach.

  • 9 Apr 1999

    Developing a new vaccine can cost between $200 and $400 million before it's put on the market.

  • 6 Apr 1999

    A DNA vaccine stops malaria from spreading in mice. Instead of conferring immunity, the new vaccine attacks the Plasmodium parasite inside its mosquito host.

  • 5 Apr 1999

    A shot consisting of a single bacterial protein can prevent pneumonia in mice, a study in the April Nature Medicine suggests.

  • 30 Mar 1999

    A fountain of youth for individual cells, the enzyme telomerase keeps cells living longer by preventing their chromosomes from eroding.

  • 22 Mar 1999

    Neurobiologists have uncovered a pathway that stores information from the brain's temporary memory onto its "hard disk." The findings, published in the April issue of Nature Neuroscience, might lead to new drugs to improve memory function in amnesia and neurodegenerative diseases.

  • 17 Mar 1999

    WASHINGTON, D.C.--Marijuana today received the imprimatur of U.S.

  • 11 Mar 1999

    The blood-brain barrier, which controls chemical traffic to and from the brain, may be even more complex than previously thought. Some compounds that appear to penetrate the entire brain, as indicated by brain scans, are in fact caught by a second line of defense.

  • 2 Mar 1999

    Long workouts or tricky memory tasks can boost the number of brain cells in adult rodents, according to two studies in the March issue of Nature Neuroscience. But it's not clear whether huffing around the block will make couch potatoes any smarter.

  • 23 Feb 1999

    A timeworn drug once used to fight a kind of worm infection may find itself called back into service against a new foe--liver cancer.