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  • 19 Feb 1999

    Scientists think they have found the gene that causes DiGeorge syndrome, the second most common form of congenital heart disease. The findings are published in today's issue of Science.

  • 17 Feb 1999

    Loud noises can cause a strange type of vertigo through an abnormal hole within the skull, scientists have found. A study of almost 1000 skulls, reported today at the Association for Research in Otolaryngology meeting in St.

  • 8 Feb 1999

    Scientists have created a strain of mice with ovaries that essentially remain young until the animals die. The success, reported in this month's Nature Genetics, might someday lead to new ways to prevent health problems associated with menopause.

  • 28 Jan 1999

    A large study has clearly shown that a cesarean section, if performed soon enough, can drastically reduce the risk of transmitting the AIDS virus from a mother to her newborn.

  • 21 Jan 1999

    Opioids such as morphine, which have been used as painkillers for centuries, have long been known to tune down the immune system. In today's issue of Nature, immunologists explain how this may happen: Morphine, they say, predisposes immune cells to commit suicide.

  • 13 Jan 1999

    Fishery management plans drafted by eight U.S. regional councils won't adequately protect the nation's fish stocks, according to the Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN), a coalition of some 80 organizations representing conservationists, fishermen, and marine scientists.

  • 8 Jan 1999

    Doomsayers may predict melting ice caps and drowned cities, but more subtle fallout from global warming has already struck the American West. Milder temperatures on the Colorado prairie have led to a decline of a native grass species, the prime feed for local livestock.

  • 11 Feb 1998

    Fading eyesight of old age is often the result of retinal damage caused by long-term exposure to light. Now, a new study suggests that eagle-eyed elderly have lots of yellow pigment that may have shielded their retinas like sunscreen.