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  • 29 Sep 1998

    When former President Ronald Reagan slipped and said that trees can pollute the air, it turns out he wasn't far off the mark. New research shows that some leafy green plants churn out methyl bromide, a chemical that helps destroy Earth's protective shield of ozone.

  • 17 Sep 1998

    Astronomers usually try to gather precious starlight, not block it out. But researchers in Arizona are thrilled with new observations that wiped out most of the light from three stars.

  • 10 Sep 1998

    Geologists have discovered bits of cosmic dust preserved in pristine condition for the last 1.4 billion years inside rocks in Finland. These extraterrestrial relics are by far the oldest such deposits ever found on Earth, according to a report in today's Nature.

  • 2 Sep 1998

    Hurricane-force winds whip the ocean so fiercely that the seawater belches dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere like a shaken bottle of soda, scientists have discovered.

  • 1 Sep 1998

    Astronomers have peered into their crystal ball and seen a lot of glass: a telescope with a 30- to 50-meter mirror, on which the largest telescopes being built today would fit like so many crackers on a plate.

  • 25 Aug 1998

    A potent source of ozone-eating gas in Earth's upper atmosphere is showing signs of leveling off.

  • 20 Aug 1998

    The moon may have less atmosphere than your local fast food outlet, but astronomers would still like to know its ingredients. Now, a spacecraft has intercepted atoms of oxygen, aluminum, and silicon that apparently escaped from the moon's feeble gravity.

  • 12 Aug 1998

    A newly unmasked error in satellite probes of temperatures in Earth's atmosphere suggests that over the past 20 years the lower atmosphere has warmed slightly--not cooled, as the data had suggested.