• 12 Dec 1996

    The thought of another human species coexisting with our own seems rather, well, alien. But this may have been the case a mere 27,000 to 53,000 years ago.

  • 11 Dec 1996

    The discovery in Canada of three arthropod fossils has pushed back the dates of the first fully terrestrial animals in North America by tens of millions of years.

  • Mary D. Leakey, the distinguished archaeologist and matriarch of the famous Leakey clan of scientists, died last night in Nairobi, Kenya. She was 84. Leakey made numerous major discoveries--of both stones and bones--that shaped the study of African prehistory and human evolution.

  • 4 Dec 1996

    BOSTON--Trading on the Pacific's high seas may have begun 2500 years earlier than archaeologists have thought, according to an analysis of volcanic glass shards presented here at the annual meeting of the Materials Research Society.

  • 25 Nov 1996

    Archaeologists working in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea have found evidence that the some of the legendary seafarers who first settled Polynesia 3600 years ago were from the archipelago of Melanesia--not directly from Southeast Asia as previously believed.

  • 19 Nov 1996

    Scientists have discovered in Ethiopia what may be the earliest known fossil from a member of our own genus, Homo: an upper jaw dated at about 2.33 million years old.

  • 11 Nov 1996

    A fossilized skull found in a Connecticut park appears to belong to a crocodilelike reptile that lived 212 million years ago, about the time that dinosaurs began to roam the Earth.

  • 6 Nov 1996

    Chemical signatures in rocks unearthed in Greenland suggest that life began nearly 4 billion years ago--about 400 million years earlier than the oldest known fossils, says a report in the 7 November issue of Nature.

  • 30 Oct 1996

    DENVER--Most scientists believe that a meteor or comet wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

  • 29 Oct 1996

    DENVER--Researchers have found what they believe is the world's oldest musical instrument: a hollow bone fragment that appears to be a flute.

  • 28 Oct 1996

    DENVER--Scientists have excavated near the Arctic Circle in Russia what they believe are the oldest fossils of a mollusk-like animal.

  • 21 Oct 1996

    A fossil dinosaur in China appears to have had a mane of feathers running down its neck, back, and tail--making it the first known feathered dinosaur and giving scientists compelling evidence that dinosaurs gave rise to birds.

  • 8 Oct 1996

    President Jacques Chirac announced on 7 October that a major new Museum of Civilization and Early Arts will be created here in the Chaillot Palace, across the river Seine from the Eiffel Tower.