• 2 May 1997

    This month marks the 150th anniversary of the lecture in which English physicist James Prescott Joule announced his profound discovery of how heat given off by one source is absorbed by another and never lost from a system.

  • 25 Apr 1997

    PARIS--Luc Montagnier, whose group here at the Pasteur Institute first isolated the AIDS virus in 1983, is teaming up with an American businessman to create a new research institute in cell and molecular biology at Queens College in Flushing, New York.

  • 22 Apr 1997

    PARIS--The European Space Agency (ESA) has come up with an innovative strategy to ease the money problems plaguing its space science program: It plans to combine two astronomy missions by arranging their telescopes back to back on a single spacecraft.

  • 15 Apr 1997

    Zoologist Nikolaas Tinbergen was born in The Hague, the Netherlands, on this day in 1907. Tinbergen helped found the fledgling field of ethology, the study of how animals behave in response to environmental stimuli.

  • 14 Apr 1997

    WASHINGTON, D.C.--A House panel wants to delay or defer U.S. plans to participate in Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and upgrade the Internet.

  • 11 Apr 1997

    LONDON--The European Commission this week announced its plans for a radical shake-up of the European Union's (EU's) main multibillion-dollar research effort.

  • 7 Apr 1997

    LONDON--Several European countries have agreed to the first-ever international convention on biomedical ethics.

  • 4 Apr 1997

    PARIS--Ten months ago, European space scientists saw one of their most important projects go up in smoke when Europe's Ariane 5 rocket, carrying a quartet of satellites called Cluster, exploded on its maiden voyage.

  • 28 Mar 1997

    Today is the birthday of Sir Joseph William Bazalgette, an English civil engineer born in 1819 who created a new drainage system for the city of London, greatly improving public health.

  • 26 Mar 1997

    A massive dam straddling the river Danube in Romania has altered nutrient levels--and perhaps led to algal blooms--hundreds of kilometers away in the Black Sea.

  • 20 Mar 1997

    PARIS--The European Space Agency (ESA) has found a new person to lead it into the 21st century. ESA's governing board today tapped as the agency's next Director-General Antonio Rodota, a key figure in Italy's corporate aerospace community.

  • 18 Mar 1997

    MOSCOW--Russian President Boris Yeltsin yesterday resurrected his science ministry and appointed an engineer to spearhead a drive to reform Russian science. The ongoing Cabinet reorganization should give Russian scientists a stronger voice in the government.

  • 17 Mar 1997

    STRASBOURG, FRANCE--Some 200 prominent European researchers met here over the weekend to launch an association that will speak for working researchers across the continent.

  • 10 Mar 1997

    LONDON--Corporate scientists often must hide proprietary data to protect a bottom line. But at least in Britain, that doesn't mean they're unwilling to share the fruits of their basic research.

  • 10 Mar 1997

    On Friday, the Norwegian Parliament passed a law banning cloning of humans and other "highly developed organisms." The law, which would have blocked the cloning of Dolly herself, may be the farthest reaching cloning ban now on the books.

  • 6 Mar 1997

    PARIS--Once the flagship of the French nuclear industry and now an exorbitant research tool, France's Superphénix breeder reactor faces a battle for its life.

  • 25 Feb 1997

    LONDON--Scientists have for the first time used a vaccine made inside a plant to protect animals--in this case minks--against a viral disease.

  • 20 Feb 1997

    PARIS--The European Space Agency (ESA) appears to have found a way to salvage its Cluster mission, the four-probe mission to study Earth's magnetosphere that blew up shortly after launch last June.

  • 14 Feb 1997

    SEATTLE--Consider this chilling scenario: R&D spending plummets by 70% over 5 years, and more than half the scientific work force leaves for other walks of life or other countries.

  • 13 Feb 1997

    PARIS--A group of 20 French scientists held a news conference here yesterday to demand immediate suspension and eventual repeal of a new mandatory retirement law.

  • 7 Feb 1997

    Scientists in Azerbaijan, one of 15 former Soviet countries, are effectively seeing the clock turned back to the days when science was under central government control.

  • 17 Jan 1997

    LONDON--The British government yesterday gave an amber light to the quest to transplant organs from pigs to humans as a means of countering the chronic shortage of human organs.

  • 15 Jan 1997

    PARIS--Science ministers from France and the Netherlands announced today that the two countries would embark on a $175 million program aimed at broadening cooperation between Dutch and French scientists.

  • 13 Jan 1997

    The average Russian has less regard for scientists than for peasants or politicians.

  • 9 Jan 1997

    This month marks the anniversary of the birth of pioneering Belgian physician and chemist Joannes Baptista van Helmont, who was born in 1579 (the exact date is unknown).