Biologist Prevails in Case of 'Fruit Bat Fellatio' Harassment Allegations

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Eli is a contributing correspondent for Science magazine.

Dylan Evans is breathing a sigh of relief. The biologist at University College Cork in Ireland was required by the school to attend 2 years of counseling for reading aloud from a scientific paper about fruit bat fellatio . Evans challenged the ruling, and a judge has now ruled in favor of him, which means that he won't have to do the counseling. The university's sanctions on him were "grossly disproportionate," the judge said. "I won my battle," Evans tells ScienceInsider. The Irish Times said, however:

The judge refused to grant orders overturning findings of an external investigation that, while Dr Evans had no intention to offend in showing the paper to his colleague, the incident fell within the definition of sexual harassment under UCC's "Duty of Respect and Right to Dignity" policy.

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