Science Plays Key Role in Obama Economic Recovery Plan

Jeff tries to explain how government works to readers of Science.

Barack Obama has put science in the middle of his economic recovery plan. Speaking today at George Mason University, the president-elect ticked off the elements of a plan that, while not mentioned in the speech, is expected to exceed $800 billion over the next 2 years.

As part of his promise to save or create 3 million jobs, Obama called for the following investments in energy, education, and medical research:

  • "To finally spark the creation of a clean energy economy, we will double the production of alternative energy in the next three years … In the process, we will put Americans to work in new jobs that will pay well and can't be outsourced—jobs building solar panels and wind turbines, constructing fuel-efficient cars and buildings, and developing new energy technologies ..."
  • "To give our children the chance to live out their dreams in a world that's never been more competitive, we will equip tens of thousands of schools, community colleges, and public universities with 21st century classrooms, labs, and libraries."
  • "To build an economy that can lead this future, we will begin to rebuild America … [That] means investing in the science, research, and technology that will lead to new medical breakthroughs, new discoveries, and entire new industries."

You can read the full speech here.

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