• Young blood

    Young animals' blood holds rejuvenating powers. Amy Wagers wants to know why.

  • The catalyst

    Marc Lipsitch wants to turn the bitter debate over risky virus research into a search for solutions.

  • A policy morass

    Regulating risky research is getting complicated.

  • In search of Green Arabia

    Researchers are scouring the now-barren Arabian Peninsula to uncover its hidden role in ancient human migration.

  • The cancer drug that almost wasn't

    After years in drug development limbo, a compound that interrupts cell division has revitalized a troubled area of cancer research.

  • The rising toll

    Newly released data reveal that the war in Afghanistan is becoming more dangerous for civilians.

  • Civilian casualties in Afghanistan

    The first release of military data on civilian casualties in Afghanistan is now publicly available.

  • Mother of all lodes

    The United States is putting scientific boots on the ground in Afghanistan to assess its mineral riches.

  • Disputed islands

    Biologists debate whether “genomic islands” are real and mark a first step in the formation of new species.

  • The brain chip

    Microprocessors modeled on networks of nerve cells promise blazing speed at incredibly low power—if they live up to hopes.

  • Comet catcher

    Europe's Rosetta spacecraft is about to orbit and then land on one of the solar system's most mysterious objects.

  • Touch and go

    The most daring moment of the Rosetta mission will come when mission leaders plan to drop the Philae lander to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

  • Central command

    More capable than once thought, the cellular structure known as the nucleolus may be a target for treating diseases.

  • Fusion's restless pioneers

    Startups with novel technologies are taking on fusion's Goliaths.

  • The elusive heart fix

    After years of hope and hype, researchers still don't agree whether cell infusions rejuvenate the human heart.

  • Top heart lab comes under fire

    A high-profile heart research lab is in the spotlight while under investigation by Harvard Medical School.

  • Monkey fever unbound

    The spread of an emerging disease from its forest stronghold is sounding alarm bells in India.

  • High hopes

    Psychedelic drugs fell from grace in the 1960s. Now, scientists are rediscovering them as potential treatments for a range of illnesses.

  • Can ecstasy treat the agony of PTSD?

    MDMA, a popular party drug, may be useful in psychotherapy, some scientists say.

  • Drawing a bead on trade

    The humble glass bead has become a tool to trace the migration of ancient goods and peoples around the Indian Ocean.

  • Sailing Sinbad's seas

    Archaeologists are rediscovering the ancient Maritime Silk Road.

  • When the bat sings

    The trills and chirps of bats can be as complex and meaningful as bird song—and may be a closer analog for human speech.

  • A touch of the random

    As researchers seek ever-larger supercomputers to crunch climate models of baffling complexity, some are calling for a fresh, statistics-based approach.

  • Mission to MERS

    A massive study in Qatar is yielding the most detailed data yet on how a new virus spreads between camels—and how it jumps to humans.

  • Minority voice

    Richard Tapia has prepared generations of minority students for academic jobs, but he says they still aren't welcome.