• Climate crossroads

    After decades of failure, a new approach to negotiations has raised hopes that nations meeting in Paris will agree to meaningful climate steps.

  • After Paris: The rocky road ahead

    Officials call the Paris talks a beginning, but what's the destination? Below are three possible future paths for annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Models suggest each would produce very different ranges of atmospheric greenhouse gas levels and warming in 2100. And all would cause the seas to rise for centuries after 2100.

  • Clean revolution

    Denmark is striving to become the world's first carbon-neutral nation.

  • Can India keep its promises?

    India hopes that steps to limit climate change will also improve its citizens' lives. Critics say such “cobenefits” may be a pipe dream.

  • What does a disease deserve?

    A move to end NIH's AIDS earmark fuels debate over whether funding should reflect disease burden.

  • How to hijack a journal

    A patient hacker can take over a journal's official Web domain with relative ease—as I found out by doing so myself.

  • Not guilty as charged

    Several cases have unraveled lately against Chinese-born scientists accused of sharing industrial secrets. Critics smell a witch-hunt.

  • Eggs unlimited

    A company's fertility treatments spark disbelief as well as hope.

  • Cradle of life

    Did a biblical-scale flood—or the rise of the Andes—give the Amazon its amazing biodiversity?

  • Twisted logic

    Germany completes the epic construction of the reactor designed in hell. Its tortuous shape may point the way forward for fusion.

  • Out of the darkness

    Defying expectations, cataract surgery in Indian children is endowing them with vision—and shedding light on how the brain learns to see.

  • Buzz food

    Feeding insect meal to livestock could help the planet, but will it be good for people?

  • In pursuit of the perfect power suit

    A longstanding quest to augment human performance with robotic exoskeletons takes a softer approach.

  • Hostile shores

    Migratory bird populations in Asia are crashing as Yellow Sea habitat dwindles.

  • Feeling the chill

    The bizarre properties of liquid helium transfixed generations of physicists. But its spell is fading.

  • Pooling resources

    Ecologist Aram Calhoun forges creative alliances in her quest to protect ephemeral vernal pools.

  • The storm king

    A mysterious tropical weather pattern called the Madden-Julian oscillation fuels El Niños and triggers rain, heat waves, and hurricanes around the globe.

  • How two pioneers took the tropics' pulse

    The 1971 discovery of the Madden-Julian oscillation relied on data from a lonely Pacific island.

  • Ecology's tough climb

    NSF's ambitious network of observatories runs into harsh budget and management realities.

  • Tragic end for Puerto Rico site

    A unique urban site is dissembled after a tragedy.

  • NEON jobs plentiful but problematic

    A large organization has trouble retaining talented scientists.

  • A Trial for the Ages

    Nir Barzilai wants to launch the first rigorous test of a drug that could put the brakes on aging.

  • Global payer

    As head of the $29 billion Wellcome Trust, Jeremy Farrar took the stage during the Ebola epidemic. Now, he wants to make the trust a world leader.

  • Tailpipe to tank

    Researchers are vying to use renewable energy to suck carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it back into fuel.

  • Conjuring chemical cornucopias out of thin air

    Economic barriers to solar fuels are driving research into making other chemicals from similar recipes.