• The missing mudbug

    As threats to crayfish mount, researchers push to document the enigmatic crustaceans.

  • Birth of the moralizing gods

    A new theory aims to explain the success of world religions—but testing it remains a challenge.

  • Turning history into a binary code

    Scientists struggle to reach across a disciplinary divide to test a new theory about the evolution of religion.

  • The Supplement Sleuth

    Some dietary supplements are spiked with drugs. Pieter Cohen is out to expose the hazards.

  • The littlest farmhands

    Scientists are discovering thousands of microbes that help plants survive and thrive. Could these symbionts help farmers as well?

  • Boom & bust in the Great White North

    As the Arctic warms, retreating sea ice is revealing winners and losers in ecosystems under siege.

  • Don't mess with the bears

    With sea ice receding polar bears may be venturing more on land, creating new risks for scientists.

  • The brain's identity crisis

    Will new tools for classifying neurons put a 150-year-long debate to rest?

  • Cosmic convergence

    Neutrinos from beyond our galaxy could be close kin to other mysterious visitors from space.

  • Setting the bar

    As the U.S. military opens ground combat roles to women, it's looking to scientists to help define the standards.

  • New life for old bones

    After a stormy adolescence, the field of ancient DNA enters its golden era.

  • Revolution in human evolution

    As it smashes disciplinary boundaries, ancient DNA is rewriting much of human prehistory.

  • Lost worlds found

    Sugar cubes of buried soil reveal how ecosystems warmed after the last ice age.

  • Prospecting for genetic gold

    Taking advantage of fossils exposed by miners, an evolutionary biologist probes the adaptations of ancient mammals.

  • Breaking a tropical taboo

    Most ancient DNA comes from frigid environs. Can new methods sample hot and humid locales?

  • Protein power

    Paleoproteomics hustles to catch up with its more developed cousin.

  • Means to an end

    Cities, states, and provinces are gearing up to halt their AIDS epidemics—though the definition of success varies.

  • No end in sight

    Tijuana's fractured response to its HIV/AIDS epidemic.

  • Deep sleep

    Boreholes drilled into Earth's crust get a fresh look for nuclear waste disposal.

  • Rolling out a welcome mat for waste

    As feds go looking for somewhere to put nuclear waste, a few willing candidates emerge.

  • The liver's weighty problem

    As obesity rates soar, a sometimes fatal liver disease is becoming epidemic.

  • Of mice and men

    Researchers are adding human DNA to mice to pinpoint sequences that helped define our species.

  • Alan Stern's worldly ventures

    Golden Spike and Uwingu are two of Stern's side efforts.

  • The cancer test

    A nonprofit's effort to replicate 50 top cancer papers is shaking up labs.

  • Mission controller

    How Alan Stern's tenacity, drive, and command got a NASA spacecraft to Pluto.