• Show me the money

    A bitter dispute lays bare questionable practices in China's foreign-talent programs.

  • Baboon watch

    An epic baboon study shows how social interactions shape health and reproduction in all primates—including humans.

  • The baboon chronicles

    Amboseli researchers have monitored their subjects for 40 years.

  • Don't blame the beetles

    Bark beetles have devastated western forests, but that may not mean more severe fires.

  • Racing the thaw

    Archaeologists scramble to recover artifacts emerging from alpine ice.

  • The littlest patient

    Cutting-edge mouse models fuel hope for understanding and treating cancer.

  • Hope in a mouse

    Selling personalized mouse models to cancer patients, a firm draws thanks and reproach.

  • On the edge

    Ecologist Marten Scheffer became a leader in the science of tipping points by studying lakes. Now he's making waves in many other fields.

  • NOνA's shining moment

    Despite years of delay, Fermilab's massive new experiment has a chance to take the next big step in neutrino physics.

  • No miracles

    Biologist Russell Gray uses evolutionary ideas to probe the origin of languages and complex thinking.

  • Outsmarting the placebo effect

    Can a genetic test to predict a person's level of placebo response help new drugs win approval?

  • Young blood

    Young animals' blood holds rejuvenating powers. Amy Wagers wants to know why.

  • The catalyst

    Marc Lipsitch wants to turn the bitter debate over risky virus research into a search for solutions.

  • A policy morass

    Regulating risky research is getting complicated.

  • In search of Green Arabia

    Researchers are scouring the now-barren Arabian Peninsula to uncover its hidden role in ancient human migration.

  • The cancer drug that almost wasn't

    After years in drug development limbo, a compound that interrupts cell division has revitalized a troubled area of cancer research.

  • The rising toll

    Newly released data reveal that the war in Afghanistan is becoming more dangerous for civilians.

  • Civilian casualties in Afghanistan

    The first release of military data on civilian casualties in Afghanistan is now publicly available.

  • Mother of all lodes

    The United States is putting scientific boots on the ground in Afghanistan to assess its mineral riches.

  • Disputed islands

    Biologists debate whether “genomic islands” are real and mark a first step in the formation of new species.

  • The brain chip

    Microprocessors modeled on networks of nerve cells promise blazing speed at incredibly low power—if they live up to hopes.

  • Touch and go

    The most daring moment of the Rosetta mission will come when mission leaders plan to drop the Philae lander to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

  • Central command

    More capable than once thought, the cellular structure known as the nucleolus may be a target for treating diseases.

  • Comet catcher

    Europe's Rosetta spacecraft is about to orbit and then land on one of the solar system's most mysterious objects.

  • Fusion's restless pioneers

    Startups with novel technologies are taking on fusion's Goliaths.